Who would have thought, I'm just an animal with an ego.

01 02 03 04

Anonymous SENT: You didnt delete the comment.

Haha sif she even looks at my blog anyway … Yay I’m home again!!

Jul 30 2014

Anonymous SENT: Ok, quick delete that comment. Neither of us need the heat. Put the kettle on, I will be over shortly

Hahaha you r funny srs who r u xo

Jul 30 2014

Anonymous SENT: Do these troublesome neighbours of your live on the 2nd or 3rd floor just so I know where I am heading

lol no u can’t you will get me in trouble

Jul 30 2014

Anonymous SENT: I like you not wearing clothes. I mean real clothes. And no bra especially is just a bonus. Consider it done :)



Jul 30 2014

Anonymous SENT: We can give your upstairs neighbours something to talk about and worry about. It be heaps a fun

Ummm I was gonna shoot their door but I decided against it

Jul 30 2014

Anonymous SENT: I will just follow you from the hospital then so I can come say hello anyways.

Omg no I’ll kill u I’m srsly super cereal not even wearing real clothes I’m in my jammies

Jul 30 2014

Anonymous SENT: Just a generous bloke who finally wants to meet you and what better way than to take a lovely princess home after a visit to the hospital

Well I don’t kno who u are so gonna have to say no xxx

Jul 30 2014

Anonymous SENT: You are not an idiot to me. You are gorgeous... Need a ride home from hospital with your hugs??

Kinda but depends who you are I do live just down the road from the hospital, thank you so much for the offer x

Jul 30 2014

Anonymous SENT: Its close, but not quite there... And you were right. Your boobs do look bigger. You and them are looking good

Ummm I’m not wearing a bra so… I look better for an idiot haha xoxo

Jul 30 2014